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Holmes to Run NYC Marathon

Hollywood Actress Katie Holmes will join cyclist Lance Armstrong and thousands of other runners in New York City's marathon next month, according to reports.

The "Batman Begins" star, 28, has been spotted jogging in Berlin, Germany -- where husband Tom Cruise is filming on the set of the World War II biopic "Rubicon" -- in preparation for the 26-mile race.

A friend tells Britain's Star magazine, "Katie is determined to complete the race and make Tom proud. She's been training for months, both in Los Angeles and in Berlin. She's as fit and toned as she's ever been in her life. Katie is going to surprise a lot of people."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tom Cruise

An actor whose name has become synonymous with All-American testosterone-driven entertainment, Tom Cruise spent the 1980s as one of Hollywood's brightest shining Golden Boys. With black hair, blue eyes, and unabashed cockiness, Cruise rode high on such hits as Top Gun and Rain Man. Although his popularity dimmed slightly in the early '90s, he was able to bounce back with a string of hits that re-established him as both an action hero and, in the case of Jerry Maguire and Magnolia, a talented actor.

Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz end Relationship
Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz(Agencies)
Updated: 2004-03-26 14:43

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz have ended their three-year relationship.

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz pose for a photo. [file photo]The couple, who spent long periods apart while filming, ``broke up at the end of January and it's amicable,'' said Lee Anne DeVette, Cruise's sister and publicist.

Robert Garlock, Cruz's spokesman, told People magazine that neither star is dating anyone else and the two "remain good friends."

Cruise, 41, starred in last year's "The Last Samurai" and appears alongside Jamie Foxx in the upcoming Michael Mann-directed thriller "Collateral."

Cruz, 29, appeared in last year's "Gothika'' and the recently released Italian film "Non ti Muovere (Don't Move)." She is to star alongside Charlize Theron in the upcoming "Head in the Clouds."

Garlock said Cruz had not become a Scientologist like Cruise"but she has taken (church) courses and she's found them beneficial." He said Cruise's religion was not involved in the split.

Cruise and Cruz met on the set of the 2001 film "Vanilla Sky."

Nicole Kidman: I Still Love Tom Cruise
MONDAY MAY 08, 2006 04:00PM EST
By Stephen M. Silverman

Despite splitting from Tom Cruise five years ago, Nicole Kidman says that she still considers their 2001 divorce a "major shock" – and confesses that she still loves her ex.

"To me, he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him." Kidman, 38, tells the Ladies' Home Journal in a new interview, in which she also reveals a certain premonition about something dire being about to happen.

"I always knew the rug was going to be taken out from underneath me at some stage," says Kidman. "I didn't think it was going to happen in the way it happened. I had seen my mother battle breast cancer, so I had a fear of my health being jeopardized – that was really where I was thinking mine would come.

After 10 years of marriage and adopting two children together – Isabella, now 13, and Connor, 11 – Cruise filed for divorce in February 2001, citing irreconcilable differences.

"I knew I was going to get hit with something," says Kidman, who stars in the upcoming Fur (about photographer Diane Arbus). "But I think a divorce, and the demise of what your family is, is a little death in itself."

Of her relationship with her children, Kidman says: "I feel enormous love for whoever my children's birth parents are. And if my children choose to go find them at some stage, I can't wait. Because – it's the weirdest thing – I actually feel (they're) very connected to us as a big, strange family, and whether they choose to search for them or not, who knows."

Cruise, who currently stars in Mission: Impossible III, recently welcomed his first child with his fiancée, Katie Holmes – a daughter named Suri. Kidman, meanwhile, has been keeping company with country singer Keith Urban.

"I'm pretty careful about who I share my life with," she says. "I surround myself with truthful, kind people, most of whom are not in the business. It's the life I want to have when I'm an old woman with long, gray hair."

Now married with Katie Holmes

TOM & Katie's Engagement

By Jennifer Frey
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 18, 2005; Page C01

Katie and Tom. Tom and Katie. It hasn't even been two months, but Tom Cruise has popped the question -- yes, at the Eiffel Tower -- and Holmes is, she gushed yesterday, "so happy."

What century are we in again? This is a classic 1940s Hollywood romantic picture. Or perhaps an episode of "The Love Boat," where, in the span of a three-day cruise, couples meet cute, fall desperately in love and declare their eternal devotion (all despite the surely distracting presence of Captain Stubing in those awful white Bermuda shorts).

That's not today's fairy tale. Or is it? As Carrie Bradshaw opined in the final season of "Sex and the City": Are women today romance-phobic? When her dashing, established, rich, well-known older man (Aleksandr Petrovsky, played by Mikhail Baryshnikov) read her poetry or wrote her a song, she declared it "the ick heard 'round the world." And when he whisked her away to a fine hotel in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, she ran off with Mr. Big instead.

Let us put aside, for the moment, the swirling suggestions that this relationship is all just a publicity stunt by two actors with big summer movies to plug. Take Cruise's mad declarations of love -- and couch-jumping on "Oprah" -- at face value. Take Holmes's shy, hesitant expressions of affection as those of a young woman who has been swept away by the man of her girlhood dreams.

Face it: This is a Harlequin romance in the era of chick lit. It's a Danielle Steel novel, not "Bridget Jones's Diary." To post-feminist, post-ironic women, it's a great big "ick," right up there with the marriage proposal on the Jumbotron at a baseball game.

And it also might be the reason there is so much public fascination with Tom-and-Katie (that and the fact that Cruise is 16 years older and that this would be his third marriage, of course).

"I think in some ways that's part of the appeal of" their retro romance, says Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University. "Those kinds of ideas are not being let go in our culture nearly as fast as we want them to. They linger. They continue to have their echo, even though most of us don't subscribe to them."

And it only works because Cruise found himself a girl like Katie. Katie, who still has her "ie." Holmes is not a star, she's a starlet. It doesn't matter if she's actually 26 years old, an age at which many of her Hollywood contemporaries are already married and popping out babies (Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson, for two). She comes across as the ingenue, the young thing, the innocent. Unlike, say, 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan, she does not yet have what Thompson calls "the stench of Hollywood." She still seems like the new girl in town.

Tom Cruise put a kiss and an engagement ring on Katie Holmes's hand yesterday. (By Jean-paul Pelissier -- Reuters)

A lot of that, of course, has to do with the arc of Holmes's career. Sure, she's had her magazine covers, made a few films and a television show. But that show was "Dawson's Creek," it was all about teenagers and not only was it not set in California -- one could never compare Holmes's current oeuvre to any of the female teen stars of "Beverly Hills, 90210" -- it wasn't shot there either. The bulk of her career has been spent in the cocoon that is Wilmington, N.C., where "Dawson's Creek" was filmed. And she remains a real-life version of Joey, the classic "good girl" she played on TV. Sure, Joey was smart, and sexy, and had her independent streak, but in the public mind-set, she's crawling through Dawson's window and offering up that innocent, dimpled grin.

So there's an impulse to worry about her -- is she being taken advantage of? Is the quick immersion in Scientology (the controversial religion that Cruise follows) a signal that he holds far too much sway over her than might be healthy? These are not things that worry people when it comes to the Jennifers (Aniston, Lopez, Garner); they've shown their business savvy, made their big career moves and, well, if their big public romances go pfffftttt, there's not much time angsting over broken hearts or broken spirits. But Holmes, she's different. The doe eyes, the dewy skin -- the whole package prompts protectiveness. Never mind that she's already had one broken engagement to an actor. Even that coupling fit the image: She was with Chris Klein, best known as the earnest, respectful lunk among the many lunks that populated the "American Pie" movie franchise.

Then there's that sticky age thing. Holmes was 5 when "Risky Business" made Cruise famous for dancing in his tighty-whities. She was 8 when "Top Gun" hit the scene and he became a bona fide heartthrob. She's said that she grew up fantasizing she'd marry him, and, voila, he gives her a call and then, later, there's a late-night proposal at the Eiffel Tower and a very large ring.

Thompson recognizes the traditional romantic story line, "but also the creep factor plays out because of the older man-younger woman thing."

It's so old Hollywood: The big established star selects the right pretty woman to be on his arm. It's hard to imagine any relationship between them in which he is not the dominant partner. It will always be his town (Hollywood), his industry, his universe, his career -- not to mention his religion. Think about it: The public announcement of their engagement came as a part of a media junket for his new film, "War of the Worlds." (One wonders: Did she get to call her mother first? Her best friend? Or did they find out via CNN?)

The best friend is still her childhood buddy from Toledo, and Holmes is close to her family. We know this because of a cover story this month in In Style, the magazine that adores celebrities and never points out their fashion faux pas or needs for pedicures. She didn't score the cover because of Cruise -- their relationship is so new it didn't exist when the issue was in production -- but because she's the new love interest in the just-released "Batman Begins," her first blockbuster picture. In the article, Holmes is portrayed as the fresh-faced girl who just made the big leap to getting her first New York City apartment. Asked about her breakup with Klein, she answers in what one can only imagine is her very sweet voice:
"He's a lovely guy, and we still care a lot about each other. We just decided that ultimately we want to be friends."

Then she adds this explanation for their decision not to head to the altar: "And we are very young."

Not anymore, sweetie. Not anymore.

Marriage of Tom & Katie

The couple's rep, Arnold Robinson, confirms the wedding will take place November 18 in Italy--"All those details are correct," he says--and tells Us "proper security measures are being taken" to keep the vows private.

An Italian wedding in some ways brings Cruise, 44, and Holmes, 27, full-circle writes People: Their first public outing as a couple, in spring 2005, was in Italy, where Cruise was in Rome for the April 29 David di Donatello awards. Cruise told reporters on his way into the Auditorium Conciliazione di Roma, "She is an extraordinary woman."

Just two months later, Cruise proposed to Holmes at the top of the Eiffel Tower in France.

Nearly a year later, the pair welcomed their first child together, daughter Suri, on April 18. "She's so beautiful," Cruise told PEOPLE shortly after Suri's birth. And just two weeks after becoming a mom, Holmes said she felt "wonderful."

Cruise's rep told PEOPLE last week that the couple had asked their longtime friend Giorgio Armani to design the attire for the wedding.

The marriage will be the first for Holmes, who was engaged to American Pie star Chris Klein until February 2005 reports

Cruise had been married twice before, to Mimi Rogers ('87-'90) and Nicole Kidman ('90-'01). He has two adopted children, Isabella and Connor from his marriage with Kidman.

Tom & Katie with his Daughter

The couple, who have a six-month-old daughter Suri, sent out wedding invitations last week, informing their guests the anticipated nuptials are to take place on the weekend of November 16-19, according to US Weekly.

Welcome to TomKat

This is the one and only fanlisting dedicated to the real life relationship between actor Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes that is listed at For those who are new to the concept of a fanlisting I'll recommend visiting the the headquarters.
Here's the short intro: a fanlisting is a place which collects and lists fans of a specific topic and which tries to gather as many fans as possible from all over the world. In case you didn't know, I'm the founder of the Fanlistings.

Word of the romance came out when paparazzi photographed the couple in Rome - Tom's publicist confirmed that the two had been dating for a while on April 27, 2005. Ever since then, the media has been buzzing and the two are Hollywood's newest it-couple. Apparently they had met at a business meeting that Tom had arranged. Katie had mentioned in a magazine article "I think that every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise." - while Tom kept referring to her as a very special lady. The two have been lovey-dovey during their stay in Rome and just seem so happy and cute together. Their baby girl Suri was born on April 18, 2006, a wedding is set to take place in the summer. Congrats to the happy couple!

Katie Holmes to Wed Tom Cruise in Armani Couture

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have the wedding clothes: Armani. Now, they have the wedding date and location: November 18th, somewhere in Italy.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise may wed in Italy dressed by Italian couturier.

Dating With Girl's Friend

Sofia Vergara Biography

What's up with Tom Cruise and all these Latin women? First he had a long relationship with Penelope Cruz (from Spain) and now he has been dating Sofia Vergara for about a month. What can we say, he does have a great taste! All these women are very different from former wife, Nicole Kidman (at least they are all much shorter, which is a plus for Cruise).

Even though Sofia is not a Scientologist, the two met at the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood. Tom is introducing Sofia to the religion, but apparently he is not pushing it (Penelope could tell you all about this). So, we'll see if Cruise can convert Sofia to Scientology or not. The megastar has been involved with the religion for many years and is more than devoted to it.

He is also very committed to his children, Connor and Isabella. Kidman and Cruise adopted both during their marriage and now enjoy joint custody. Both Tom and Nicole are very devoted patents.

Cruise (42) and Vergara (32) are taking the relationship to a higher level by meeting each others children.

Name :Sofia Vergara
Birth Name : Sofia Margarita Vergara
Nationality : Colombian
Date Of Birth : July 10, 1972
Occupation : actress, model
Son : Manolo (born in 1992)

Rebecca De Mornay

young Tom Cruise hooked up with "Risky Business" co-star Rebecca De Mornay for a brief period.

Rebecca was raised in France and went to college in Suffolk, England. She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. After gaining fame in the highly successful movie "Risky Business," Rebecca went on to star in other films such as "BackDraft" and appeared on the TV show "E.R."

Born: Aug 29, 1961 in Santa Rosa, California
Occupation: Actor, Director
Active: '80s-2000s
Major Genres: Drama, Thriller
Career Highlights: The Trip to Bountiful, Risky Business, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Tom Cruise Dated Cher in 1985
Every drag queen's dream. A Tom Cruise reality.

Tom Cruise lived with Cher according to her son Elijah Allman who saidabout Cruise "people aren't buying into his whole act".Allman is Cher's son with musician Gregg Allman. He tells Us Weekly that Cruise has changed a lot. "He was totally different. We lived with him for a couple of years."Allman had already made headlines when he confessed on the Howard Stern radio show that he had sex with Paris Hilton & that he was afraid he'd contracted a STD from her!

Name :Cher
Birth Name : Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre
Date of Birth :20 May 1946
Place of Birth : El Centro, California, USA
Height : 5' 8½''
Nationality : American
Profession : Actor, Pop Singer
Sometimes Called : Sonny & Cher,Sonny and Cher,Cherilyn,Chér.


Mimi Rogers
Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers (married on May 9, 1987, divorced February 4, 1990). Rogers is generally believed to be the one who introduced Cruise to Scientology.

Father: Philip J. Spickler (Scientology minister, civil engineer)
Husband: Jim Rogers (Scientology counselor, m. 1977, div. 1980)
Husband: Tom Cruise (b. 3-Jul-1962, m. 9-May-1987, div. 1990)
Boyfriend: Chris Chiaffa (b. 1963, cohabiting since 1990)
Son: Charlie Rogers-Chiaffa (b. 30-Jul-2001, 8 lbs 10 oz, with Chris Chiaffa)
Daughter: Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa (b. 20-Nov-1995, with Chris Chiaffa)
Boyfriend: Ed Marinaro
Boyfriend: Tom Selleck
Boyfriend: Bobby Shriver

Nicole Kidman

Cruise met Nicole Kidman on the set of their film Days of Thunder. The couple married on December 24, 1990 and divorced on August 8, 2001. He and Kidman adopted two children, Isabella (born 1993) and Connor (born 1995). They separated when Kidman was three months pregnant, just shy of their 10 year wedding anniversary; she later miscarried.

Father: Anthony Kidman (biochemist)
Mother: Janelle MacNeille (nursing instructor)
Sister: Antonia Kidman-Hawley (younger)
Husband: Tom Cruise (actor, m. 24-Dec-1990, div. 8-Aug-2001, two children adopted)
Daughter: Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise (adopted, b. 22-Dec-1992)
Son: Connor Anthony Cruise (adopted, b. 17-Jan-1995)
Boyfriend: Lenny Kravitz (dated, 2003-04)
Boyfriend: Robbie Williams
Husband: Keith Urban (dating since 2005, m. 25-Jun-2006)

Penélope Cruz

Cruise was next romantically linked with Penélope Cruz, the lead actress in his film Vanilla Sky. In March 2004, he announced that his relationship with Penélope Cruz had ended in January.
Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz end relationship

Name At Birth : Penélope Cruz Sánchez
Date of Birth : 28 April 1974
Place of Birth :Madrid, Spain
Nickname : PeFather : Eduardo Cruz (auto mechanic)
Mother :Encarna Cruz (hairdresser manager)
Sister : Monica (professional flamenco dancer)
Brother : Eduardo Jr

Katie HolmesFull Name : Kate Noelle Holmes
Date Of Birth : December 18, 1978
Place Of Birth : Toledo, Ohio
Education : High School (Notre Dame)College: Columbia University, New York, New York (deferred admission)
Occupation : Actress
Father : Martin Holmes (Lawyer)
Mother :Kathy Holmes (Homemaker)
Siblings :four sisters, one brother (Youngest is Katie)

Bollywood Actor

Actor Actresses